For years we'd sit back and watch dress rehearsals marveling at how amazing the cast was doing and joke (in our best old timey voices), "Hello... Broadway? Listen here - we've got some talented kids you're gonna want to see..."  I still find myself marveling at how hard they work and their limitless ability and talent. We are so proud of these students and thrilled to be a part of their journey. 



Hello Broadway Theatre Company’s primary mission is to educate students in the theatre arts. We exist to give students, regardless of their experience, the opportunity to explore and develop their talents and perform in front of a live audience. Our deepest belief is that theatre has a place for everyone and it’s our responsibility to recognize and showcase each students’ unique and individual talents. Hello Broadway appreciates that everyone is capable of amazing things so we’re devoted to helping students push themselves to realize their full potential. Regardless of a student’s age, it’s never too early to expose them to the highest standards of singing and harmonizing, acting and character development, and movement and dance.

Hello Broadway Theatre Company’s secondary mission is to produce, present and promote excellence in theatre and musical theatre in the western suburbs. We strive to build appreciation for the performing arts through family-friendly, well-rehearsed, and entertaining productions. Hello Broadway students are taught to give back and actively engage in community outreach by performing at local area retirement and convalescent homes.